Finished Jewelry

4 ‘Sure Hit’ Jewelry Gifts

There are 4 jewelry ‘basics’ that are sure to please:

Diamond rings & diamond bands
Diamond stud earrings
Diamond tennis bracelet
Diamond pendant

Finished Jewelry

finished jewelry

Fashion Designs

Pattivs stocks many spectacular designs. Pattivs can also create that unique idea of yours, or we can recreate that overpriced design seen else ware.

Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Colored gems and ‘fancy’ designs tend to be occasional wear. These are most often selected after the ‘basics’ are satisfied. Some colored gemstones are varied.

Custom Design

Pattivs will create any design, including reproducing over-priced styles seen else ware. A photo with gemstone details makes the job easy! Frequently, though, drawings are created just from a description. Finished drawings include top, side, and end views with specific dimensions, so nothing is left to chance. Mark, the designer, is an accomplished artist, jewelry designer & goldsmith.

If a design to be copied is copy-written, then the design must be slightly altered so as not to violate copyright laws.

To obtain the best value & quality, production is often sourced from the Far East, benefiting from highly skilled, but very low-cost labor. There is little cost difference between a ‘stock’ design and custom. You will be amazed at the quality and the value. Depending on the design, US sources are also used.

Note: As a general rule, finished ring mountings, in 18K gold, set with fine white diamonds, will run about $1,200 to $1,400 per carat. Example: Pattivs price for a setting in 18K, with .69ct total weight of smaller diamonds, will be about $795 including the labor of setting of the center diamond and sizing. Diamonds will be H – I color, SI-1 to VS clarity. Platinum will add additional cost depending on metal weight.

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Ring

Frequently a couple will make the selection together. Other times, the ring is to be a surprise.


Carat | Color | Clarity | Shape | Certified?

It is best to select the diamond first, as this limits the choice of setting designs. Invariably, the diamond desired should be ‘eye-clean’ and ‘white’ so no one would say anything but the very best about it. Please see “selecting diamonds” above.

Platinum vs White Gold

Both are excellent choices. Platinum is more valuable and prestigious but is softer than white gold and more easily bent. As a result, it will become more scratched and tend to look dull in time. White gold is very hard and will retain brighter but will develop a slightly off white color with normal wear. Platinum will stay pure white. In spite of its softness, platinum is still the most durable. Platinum will also weigh about 75% more than 14K and 45% more than 18K.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold, compared to white is far less popular today, but still there is a substantial demand. Yellow gold has a rich color. Many feel that this color is more complementary to their complexion; to others, it is just what they like. 18K yellow is much softer but offers a more intense color.


Diamond Studs & Earrings


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