Selecting The Perfect Diamond For You!

As with buying fine art, everyone has a different idea of perfection. Some are more concerned with color than clarity. Others may have the opposite view. Most people, when given the chance to compare, want the largest diamond possible, provided it looks ‘eye-clean’ and ‘white’, and are willing to sacrifice technical perfection. Pattivs also stocks the ‘exotic’ qualities so all will be pleased. Jewelry store in Danville, CA.

By selecting color and clarity Grades, not higher than you are happy with, will result in a much larger diamond for the same budget.

The only way to determine the best diamond for you is to see many diamonds, of different qualities, sizes and shapes, side-by-side. ‘Comparing’ diamonds at different times and under different lighting is almost impossible.

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Princess-Cut Diamond

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World Of Custom Made

Pattivs will create any design, including reproducing over-priced styles seen else ware. A photo, with gemstone details, makes the job easy! Frequently, though, drawings are created just from a description. Finished drawings include top, side and end views with specific dimensions, so nothing is left to chance. Mark, the designer is an accomplished artist, jewelry designer & goldsmith.


Why Pay Retail?

Why pay retail, when the same quality, service and selection is available for less than half the price? High quality goods are available to all jewelers. The difference with Pattivs, is our superior buying ability and very low margins. Come in and compare! The difference will be overwhelmingly apparent!

Why Pattivs Fine Jewelry


Mark & Pat Fernwood. Mark is an accomplished artist as well as a goldsmith, which offers a great advantage in designing jewelry. His paintings decorate the walls of Pattivs. Mark also has an engineering background allowing him to design jewelry that is as wearable as it is beautiful.

Over three decades of precision jewelry under one roof…

Pat has over 19 years of experience in fine jewelry sales and jewelry design. She has a background in psychology, which has often proved useful as emotional situations can surround jewelry.

How can we help you?

For any bridal jewelry, custom design, appraisal, or setting your diamond, we're here to help!
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Pattivs prices are close to those normally provided to the trade. Diamonds are bought in quantity, directly from cutters. Pattivs also manufactures much of its jewelry, bypassing multiple markups.

Jewelry store in Danville